At The Key Look, a premier wedding hair and makeup team based in New Jersey, we proudly offer our services to brides of all backgrounds and ethnicities. To ensure that each bride looks their absolute best on the most important day of their life, we also provide a touch-up kit to all our clients.


Why we provide a touch-up kit

A touch-up kit is essential for maintaining confidence throughout your wedding day. With this kit, you will have all the necessary products on hand to ensure your look stays perfect. Our team cares about every detail of your big day, and we provide a selection of products to guarantee maximum satisfaction. Each kit contains a lip product, Qtips, mascara wands, blotting papers, hair pins, and hair ties.

Lip Product

A lip product in a touch-up kit is essential for keeping lips looking vibrant and refreshed on your wedding day. When you need a touch-up, having the appropriate product on hand will make all the difference in keeping your makeup looking fresh.


Qtips are great for cleaning up smudges and fixing makeup mistakes throughout the day without starting from scratch. Their cotton swab tips can be used like erasers as they are small enough to reach hard-to-get areas around the eyes and mouth that might have been affected by tears or laughter. Just a note: Qtips should not be used as an all-purpose tool, so be sure to only fix minor mishaps with them.

Mascara Wands

Mascara wands are one of the most critical components in any touch-up kit; one good coat at the right time can fix any drooping eyeshadow issues quickly and easily. In The Key Look‘s kits, you will find premium mascaras, resulting in defined curled eyelashes that last until you take them off!

Blotting Papers

Blotting papers absorb excess oil from the face without removing makeup or affecting how your foundation looks throughout the night. This is essential because oily skin can dull down makeup faster than usual, especially when you are exposed to warm environments or humidity levels in the Northeast’s sweltering summer months. Instead of reapplying powder or foundation every few hours, our blotting papers allow you to discreetly remove only the oils so you won’t have excessive shine.

Hair Pins and Hair Ties

Hair pins and hair ties may seem like small items, but they are crucial components of touch-up kits; we especially recommend having them if you plan on wearing your hair up during part of the ceremony or reception festivities! Hair pins can help hold up smaller pieces that might come loose during photos or dancing, whereas hair ties are essential for tightening bridal buns or ponytails.

The usefulness of a touch-up kit beyond your wedding day

The Key Look’s touch-up kit is not only useful on the wedding day but also after the event. Whether for everyday touch-ups or other special occasions, this versatile collection has everything you need to keep your look perfect. This convenient collection of high-quality lip and mascara products, blotting papers, and hair pins and ties ensure that your makeup look will always be on point. Plus, the small size of these items makes them ideal for carrying in a purse or pocket when traveling.



The Key Look is devoted to ensuring your wedding day is perfect, and our touch-up kit will guarantee your look lasts from morning until midnight. This curated selection of products will keep you flawless all day, allowing you to make quick adjustments without reapplying a full face of makeup.

If you want to look your absolute best on the biggest day of your life, The Key Look is the team for you! Our professional mobile hair and makeup artists specialize in brides with any skin tone or hair type, and we provide luxurious services that will make sure you shine. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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