When it comes to wedding makeup trends, there’s always something new on the horizon! The look you choose will be remembered forever in photos and videos, so it’s important to go over your options and choose something that you will love on your big day and years in the future.

This year, there are some great wedding makeup trends that will make you and your bridesmaids feel more beautiful than ever! Here are a few to talk about with your New Jersey hair and makeup team:


Glowing Skin

The dewy “model skin” makeup look has made its way into wedding trends! Deep contour and blinding highlight have been all the rage for the past few years, but now brides opt for a “less is more” approach for a lightweight makeup application. It gives off an illuminating glow that matches how you feel on the inside!


Natural Lashes

We never thought we’d see the day when brides choose mascara over strip lashes, but it’s here! If this is the look you want, we recommend using a lash serum for three to four months before your big day. It will help your natural lashes grow long and full, so they brighten your face and give your eyes a natural lift.


Pastel Chrome Manicure

Move over, French manis! The glazed donut manicure is here to take the hands of brides and bridesmaids throughout 2023. This look went viral thanks to Haley Bieber and has been seen on everybody from A-list celebs to your hometown bestie. It’s the perfect combination of understated and glamorous, making it a top 2023 wedding makeup trend.


Overdose of Blush

In 2023, brides are loving blush as much as their moms did in the 80s. We’re seeing bright pops of color covering the cheekbone and rising all the way up to the temple! You might think this sounds a little dramatic, but what’s a wedding without a little drama? Applying extra blush to your makeup look will give you an appearance that makes people stop, stare, and drop their jaws.


Face Jewels

The staple accessory of music festivals has become a 2023 wedding trend that we can’t get enough of! Although you might cover your cheekbones in iridescent crystals at Coachella, wedding face jewels are much more discreet. Think teeny tiny gemstones around the eye that perfectly catch the light and glimmer like stardust in photos.

Brown Glossy Lips

Brown lips covered in a clear gloss are a 2023 makeup trend for ladies of all skin tones! This is a great option if you’re looking for a more subtle or natural look on your big day. We suggest talking with your New Jersey hair and makeup artist to find the right tone for your skin, so you don’t end up with a color that’s too light or too dark.

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