Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle as a Black bride can be difficult because there’s a seriously disappointing lack of representation. Not to mention, wedding stylists that are familiar with your hair are few and far between, which makes things even more difficult.

As a Black-owned and woman-led New Jersey hair and makeup team, we have a team of hairstylists who specialize in helping Black brides choose their perfect hairstyle and executing the look flawlessly.

Based on our experience and expertise, here are a few helpful wedding hairstyle tips for our beautiful Black brides:


Nourish Your Hair

Knots, snarls, dryness, and breakage are very common in type 4 hair due to its tight curl pattern. Implementing a deep conditioning treatment into your weekly haircare routine will strengthen and smooth your tresses to make the styling process easier! We also recommend sleeping on a silk (not satin!) pillowcase or wearing a silk bonnet to bed and trading your hats for a glamorous silk headscarf.


Consider the Weather

Depending on your hair type and wedding location, you may be able to rock a silk press when you walk down the aisle – but keep in mind that even the best silk presses can frizz up in a humid climate. A styled weave or wig can save you a ton of frustration and look incredible on your big day AND your honeymoon!


Think About Hair Accessories

If you have hair accessories – like a veil or pearl barrettes – that you really want to wear, you may need to adjust your style accordingly. For example, barrettes may be hard to place in braids. A veil clipped into a wig may weigh the hair down and cause pain or slipping.


Plan Ahead for Protective Styles

Type 4 hair ladies know that protective styles can take a long time and be quite stressful on the scalp. You probably don’t spend most of your wedding day sitting in a chair and then have a stinging scalp while you’re trying to celebrate the most important day of your life! So, consider getting the most intricate braids done the week before your wedding, then your stylist can create the full look quickly and painlessly the day of.


Do a Test-Run

Whether you want to wear a wig, a silk press, tight braids, or natural hair, give it a test run as soon as you can and try to simulate your wedding scenario. Try on a few veils to check for tugging, create some humidity by running a hot shower to check for frizz in a silk press, and use your appointment time to gauge how long your desired wedding style will take to complete.

When it comes to hair, the most important thing to consider on your wedding day is your stylist. Make sure you choose a team that is comfortable working with your hair type and will be honest with you about how your desired style will perform on the big day.

Luxury New Jersey Wedding Makeup Artist Team

The Key Look is a team of 15 hair and makeup stylists fully prepared to service ALL women no matter your skin tone or hair type. Contact us to have one less thing to worry about when planning your wedding.



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