The Key Look team is here to help you get the perfect hairstyle for your special day! Here are some recommendations when it comes to prepping your hair for the big day:

1. Set Up a Salon Appointment

Before you can fulfill your wedding day dreams, there are a few important steps to undertake in regard to prepping your hair. First, it is essential that you book an appointment with your regular stylist several weeks ahead of your wedding date so that everything concerning haircuts, coloring, and treatments can be sorted out in sufficient time. This way, you will have plenty of time to prepare and give yourself the best look possible on the day.

If you plan to hire professional services for your styling needs, consider getting in touch with The Key Look team. With our bespoke service tailored to each bride’s unique style and wishes, you can be sure that your hair will look its best for your big day. Plus, we offer Mobile Hair and Makeup or onsite hair and makeup services, so you can get a whole styling experience wherever you are!

2. Trim Those Ends

It is essential to trim your hair ends before your wedding day, as this will not only help you get the perfect hairstyle, but it will also reduce splits and tangles that have accumulated over time. Trimming your hair regularly keeps it healthy and strong, allowing for better styling options on the big day.

It is important to keep in mind that getting a trim does not mean losing length – just a few millimeters are enough! In fact, regular trims can actually make your hair look longer because of its improved health and texture.

3. Keep It Clean

Having clean hair on your wedding day is essential for achieving the best styling results. Not only does it help you avoid dealing with snarls, but it also allows for a better grip when using products such as hairspray and mousse. Moreover, having freshly washed hair can give you a naturally healthy shine that makes even the simplest hairstyle look amazing!

It is important to care for your hair every day with quality products that are specifically designed for your hair type. The Key Look team is well-versed in skin and hair types for people from all ethnic backgrounds, so we can provide you with tailored advice on the best products to use for your unique needs.

4. Cons of Not Having Clean Hair

Failing to properly shampoo and condition can result in greasy-looking hair that won’t hold up to styling. Contrary to old beliefs that unwashed hair will help with better styling, having dirty hair can actually be counterproductive. Not only does it make the hair more difficult to work with, but it also increases the chances of knots developing during the bridal styling process.

Generally, we recommend washing and conditioning your hair the night before your wedding day. This allows time for some natural oils to build back up, which can make it easier to control and style in the morning. Washing your hair the night before also helps prevent frizz and keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny throughout the entire event.

In conclusion

Preparing your hair for the big day is an important step in getting the perfect look, and The Key Look team is ready to help you achieve that perfect hairstyle. With our luxury onsite hair and makeup services, you can be sure your hair will look its best. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time, and don’t forget to use quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny! We would be happy to guide you on what type of cut, styling products, and treatments are best for achieving your dream hairstyle. Contact us today, and let us help you prepare for your perfect New Jersey wedding.

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