Natural wedding day makeup is in right now! Brides often inquire with us and say they want to make sure they, of course, want to look gorgeous on their wedding day but also want to look like themselves. While natural wedding makeup gives an effortless look, it really is anything but effortless! Hiring our trusted team of New Jersey hair and makeup artists will ensure every member of the wedding party, no matter their skin tone, will look and feel amazing. 

Preparing Your Skin for a Natural Bridal Makeup Look

If you want that glowy, dewy skin look it starts from the inside out well before your wedding day. Skin is the biggest organ in our body so when we take care of our overall health and well-being, it will help your makeup application look great on your wedding day! Six to twelve months before your wedding start creating some good skin care habits (if you haven’t already). Wash and moisturize your face each morning and night, work out regularly (sweat is a great skin detox!), and add more fruits and vegetables to your plate. Skincare is the key to natural makeup application. 

Photo Filters Can be Deceiving

As you are planning your wedding I am sure you are jumping from Pinterest to Instagram to TikTok in search of wedding inspiration. When you see photos of wedding hair and makeup it is really important to keep in mind photos are so easily filtered these days. Whether it is from a photographer with color editing or a simple story filer on Instagram, it is not the best way to judge a makeup artist’s work. It can be really deceiving to think something looks great in a photo online, but in person, it may not have the same look. Our best advice – spend time researching and talking with your hair and makeup artists for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask to see photos from multiple brides. A trial is the best way to see how the makeup looks on you and to see a strong makeup artist’s work in person. 

Natural Looking Lashes

If you aren’t a huge makeup wearer day to day, wearing lashes on your wedding day can seem over the top. However, natural-looking lashes that are applied well will enhance your eyes and overall makeup look. Lashes come in all different types, lengths, and sizes and your artist will ensure they complement the look you are going for. No matter your skin tone, we always recommend wearing lashes. They are long-lasting and make you look great in photos!


Natural-looking makeup for your wedding day is a look we are loving. Here at The Key Look, we pride ourselves in serving all women and all skin types. Inquire with us to book a call and learn more about how we can bring your hair and makeup vision to life.

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